Co-Fund The Art You Want To See 
In The World - And Share In Its Success.

The Free-Artists Flow

More Than A Transaction

Collaborate & Co-Fund Projects

Creators and backers come together to pool resources and launch creative projects.

Engage & Grow As A Team

Creators and backers work hand-in-hand sharing conversations, connections, and music.

Share In Your Project’s Success

Creators and backers share the financial and social upside of projects.

A Way Forward For Creatives

Free Artists allows creators to find and collaborate with true fans. This levels the playing field, increases the diversity of music, de-risks the creative process, and sparks the growth of uncompromised art. At Free-Artists, the fans and creators build the art.

Origin Story

We saw an opportunity to help creators go to the people who believe in them the most - their fans. We are now helping creators and labels to work directly with backers to co-fund projects and share financial/community-driven success.

Equal Opportunity

A creator doesn’t need to be ‘signed’ by industry gatekeepers; they just need the support of their fans – creators are signed to/by the people.


It is about value flows being trackable, traceable, and auditable by everyone. This is why Free-Artists use a DAO (see FAQs for more info).

Shared Incentives

Backers and Creators now share financial and social gains as projects/creators grow and succeed!


Why Free-Artist Exists

We want communities of passionate fans to help create opportunities for artists of all genres, development, and potential. Free-Artists aims to be a public good: a decentralized, scalable, permission less, and transparent utility meant to enhance coordination and alignment between creators, fans, and entertainment industry professionals.

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